Ramesh Kumar T C

Ramesh Kumar T C is a leading voice artiste with a long innings in the industry for over 30 years. His is the voice behind a host of your favourite brands on TV and radio today. He is a sought after voice artiste in both English and Malayalam. His voice stands out for its power and expression. It is at once modern and contemporary. His prolific work includes voicing for an amazing more than 25,000 commercials and documentaries and he still continues.

Ramesh began his career in the voice industry from Mumbai, the Mecca of the advertising world.  His range of voice includes TV commercials, documentaries, TV serials, corporate films, and radio spots. He is also on the prestigious panel of speakers of the Films Division of India. During his long career, he has worked with well known names in the  Indian voice industry as Ameen Sayani, Pratap Sharma ….

Ramesh has always been fascinated by the immense potential and possibilities of the human voice and its applications and believes that voice is the most personal form of expression. He has always been keen to know more about the science, art, and psychology of the human voice. Himself a trained voice, his training has been with international voice coaches as R S Pawar and Steve Hudson.  Ramesh has designed a unique and effective system of voice training. 

He has launched a YouTube Channel ‘Pachamalayalathiloode Kidilan English‘ to promote Spoken English with correct pronunciation and neutral accent.

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