Why most people struggle to get fluent?

Speaking in English has always been an elusive thought in the minds of people. Most of us only absorb our mother language well, but we fail to get onto the track of proper English and then struggle with it later on due to circumstances. Proper training at the beginning can help us in embarking on the journey to learn English very well, but what happens in most of the cases is that people fail to get a good base in language skills and becomes holders of half-baked English

Secondly, most people are not able to get a good education and also a chance to converse in good English where they can lend their ears to good pronunciation. Hence it becomes even more difficult to get the desired standards of fluency. Improper plans, not devoting enough time every day to learn it and lack of opportunities to meet people who speak good English again acts as the hurdles in achieving fluency. Also most of the countries do not possess a well-established language learning environment and in case of non-native speakers it becomes even more difficult to enhance their language skills. In such cases when people just get to know only limited access to English they end up speaking something which is neither their mother tongue nor English and that is the problem with most of the countries.

Also our mind is again a great trickster in every case. Confidence is a very crucial element that brings out the best in anything. People often tend to believe that to learn English, it requires strenuous efforts and they forget about the real zest one should have, which is the ultimate game changer. Hence in most of the cases people lose their interest halfway and move backwards, where again language learning skills diminish over time.  When our mind is loaded with diligence and acceptance we can be sure of the levels of Excellency that be achieved in speaking English fluently in full rigour. Thus we come closer with a self -reliant version of us speaking fluent English. Fluency is thus closely connected to an efficient system where we learn the language in its true sense initially. The absence of such an atmosphere again simply triggers the weakness in us rather than bringing out utmost confidence.

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